Industrie Responsible Supply Chain 

Industrie is committed to developing close working ethical relationships with all of our suppliers. Industrie garment factories and fabric mills are in China, India, Thailand & Portugal. Industrie does not manufacture in Bangladesh. Ensuring proper measures and safe working conditions are in place for our suppliers is essential to us.  We care about where our products are manufactured, by who and in what environment. Industrie works together with skilful suppliers & international auditors to ensure all people involved in the supply of our garments are provided with a safe working environment and are paid a fair and legal wage. Industrie does not support exploitation of any kind. Our philosophy and priority is to build a trustworthy and long-term ethical relationship with our suppliers. 

This ensures continuity of the quality, look and delivery of our future products whilst maintaining a visible supply chain. We have worked closely with some of our suppliers for over 15 years and require all new suppliers to pass an International Audit, funded by Industrie, before we will develop any products within their factories. All Industries factories are audited annually or more often if required. Industrie provides each manufacturer with a code of conduct which strictly outlines the company policies addressing safe working environments, fundamental human rights & satisfactory working conditions. These are signed by all those involved before any work commences. Industrie employs a full time General Manager of Production based in Asia whose role is to oversee all manufactured products and maintain ethical standards. An Industrie representative visits all our makers at least once a month. 

Given the importance of our relationships with our suppliers, we actively seek to positively contribute to the working conditions of the people making our products. Any issues addressed in the International audits are swiftly acted on and rectified. Industrie is a signatory of the Uzbek cotton pledge  & works closely with David Jones to adhere to their strict Ethical Trading Initiative. Industrie is also a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.


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